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Latest Promotion and News
【Free Bank Appointment For Company Formation】
OneStart Referal Program
2021-11-26 | Latest promotion
【Serviced Office Limited Offer】
2021-11-03 | Latest promotion
【Significant Controller Register - Penalty?】
2021-10-11 | Start-up Tips
【Kwun Tong Serviced Office $1999up】
2021-09-29 | Latest promotion
【50% OFF Mong Kok Virtual Office】October Only
2021-09-30 | Latest promotion
【Get $200 Voucher for Company Formation In September】
【Mid-Autumn Facebook Game - Win Häagen-Dazs Mooncake】
2021-09-01 | Latest promotion
【Consumption Voucher August Offer】
OneStart Business Centre - Consumption Voucher 2021
【Häagen-Dazs Mid-Autumn Early Bird Offer】
[Opening] Mong Kok Business Centre
【50% off - Virtual Office - The 2nd Registered Address!】
【观塘 - 服务式办公室 - 特价 $4500起】
【Become OneStart Member?】
【$0 Startup】No hidden charges!
[$1250 up] Private, Unlimited Company, Limited Company Tax Service
2021-03-17 | Latest promotion
【Create bank account? You need OneStart!】
2021-03-15 | Latest promotion
Have not received tax returns?
Virtual Office - Not Just Provide You An Address!
SME Design Yourself with free and easy applications
2020-12-30 | Start-up Tips
Christmas Offer: Incorporation and Company Secretary - 20% for New Customers
2020-12-09 | Latest promotion
2020-12-03 | Start-up Tips
New Instagram Function Guide - Business Registration for IG Shops is Essential
2020-11-26 | Start-up Tips
Giveaway for Members- OneStart x Hoga Agarwood Tea Trial
2020-11-23 | Latest promotion
Deregistration is Not Easy! 100% Rebate Programme
2020-11-19 | Latest promotion
Free 2021 Calendar - OneStart x Hong Kong Cancer Fund
2020-11-13 | Latest promotion
Succeed in Cross-border eCommerce
2020-11-10 | Start-up Tips
Subsidy Scheme for Beauty Parlours, Massage Establishments and Party Rooms under the Anti-epidemic Fund -a practising accountant’s certification
OneStart 15th Anniversary Incorporation Virtual Office Company Secretary for a free Microsoft Office 365
A New Wave of Unemployment – Severance Pay and Long Service Payment Calculations
2020-10-27 | Start-up Tips
Mongkok Serviced Office Rental Drop Fixed Room or Desk $2020/MO Up
2020-09-07 | Latest promotion
Special Arrangement of Opening Hours in Times of Coronavirus Situation
2020-07-25 | OneStart's News
Tips for Anti-epidemic Fund - Catering Business Social Distancing Subsidy Scheme
D-Biz - Distance Business Program (DBP) - Government Grant to support digital transformation during COVID-19
2020-04-24 | Start-up Tips
Employer's Return for IRD for Employees in Hong Kong
2020-03-19 | Start-up Tips
2020-2021 Government Budget - Subsidy and Support to SMEs
2020-02-26 | Start-up Tips
Special Opening Hours of Banks in Hong Kong in Times of Coronavirus
2020-02-19 | Start-up Tips
Chinese New Year Special Arrangement on Service Hours
2020-01-22 | OneStart's News
Special Arrangement on Service Hours
2019-12-16 | OneStart's News
Workplace Growth Hack: MPF Seminar
Stay Informed about the Growth Hacks of MPF for Employers and Employees at the free seminar at OneStart Business Centre!
Mid-Autumn Festival Special Arrangement on Service Hours
2019-09-09 | OneStart's News
What are the advantages to open a Hong Kong Company?
2019-09-02 | Start-up Tips
Change of OneStart Business Hours
2019-08-29 | OneStart's News
2019-08-23 | Start-up Tips
【Self-service Access to Calls and Mails Logs at All Times】 OneStart Virtual Office Client Platform is Launched!
2019-08-13 | OneStart's News
The SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) - Funding $400,000
2019-08-02 | Start-up Tips
【OneStart X Häagen-Dazs™ Ice-cream mooncake Discount
2019-06-21 | OneStart's News
Enjoy 10% off with Shanghai Commercial Bank Credit Card!
Warm Reminder about Opening Online Shop
2019-05-20 | Start-up Tips
Limited Company Has Greater Protection For Your Business
2019-05-13 | Start-up Tips
Traffic problems are so troubled? 👍🏻 Virtual office can help you!
2019-05-13 | Start-up Tips
Plagiarius Awarding 2019 - Do not underestimate trademark registration and patent
2019-05-06 | Start-up Tips
OneStart 壹達集團有限公司恭祝各位豬年快樂!萬事勝意!豬籠入水!💰💰
2019-02-04 | OneStart's News
nest1964 CHY Special Discount 2019
2018-11-20 | OneStart's News
【關心您的健康 —「OneStart X 健康工房 」療程套券優惠】(按圖了解更多)
OneStart 話你知 – 小小水牌大大用途!
2018-08-23 |
熱血的創業家們!你哋把握咗機會未?OneStart 為慶祝成立12週年推出一連串優惠 – 今期4月限定優惠:虛擬辦公室及公司秘書套餐,50%折扣優惠,1年只需HK$999!仲有,凡申請上述優惠嘅顧客,均可以$240半價換領原價$480電子水牌服務1年!
What are the advantages of Company Formation in Hong Kong?
What is Business Centre in Hong Kong?
2018-04-09 | Start-up Tips
Can everyone be a Company Secretary in a Hong Kong Company?
2018-03-22 | Start-up Tips