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Group Medical Insurance Consulting Service

Group medical insurance is generally regarded as one of the determinative factors for the talented to choose which corporate to work in. Providing the employees with group medical insurance can also enhance the loyalty of the employees. Not only Inpatient medical expenses, outpatient expenses and dental expenses are covered, depending on the plan you choose.


Group medical insurance will provide protection and medical network service for eligible employees regardless of health condition. Under the protection of group medical insurance, you can approach the medical specialist at once with a low cost. 

Key features of group medical insurance

  1. No health declaration needed when this is certain amount of employees in the company

  2. Protection for the family member of employees

  3. Low cost

  4. All-rounded coverage

  5. Medical card with convenience

Group medical insurance generally is applicable to companies with minimum 3 employees. The family members of the employees can also be benefited. For the companies with more than 10 employees, no health declaration is needed for the application of group medical insurance. The annual premium is between a few hundreds to a few thousands, depending on the age of employees, plan, extra protection etc… 

Although the cost of group medical insurance is relatively low, it is valuable. Not only  the inpatient medical expenses are covered, but also the outpatient benefits and dental benefits. With the medical card, you can finish the payment process within seconds when you use our medical network service, including traditional Chinese medicine services, specialist outpatient clinics, X-ray diagnosis etc… 

Since the beneficiary is “the company” instead of “the employee”, the protection of group medical insurance will be lost once the employee leaves. As a result, it is always a smart choice to purchase a personal medical insurance to prevent losing protection.

We understand you might not have adequate time for risk management. We provide you with the service of fast application and professional consultation. Feel free to contact us via 3575 6888 to know more about group medical insurance. 

Something crucial about group medical insurance?

The society is paying more attention to employment welfare at the present. As a result, the employers are required to purchase employment insurance and group medical insurance for their employees before they bid for tender, especially in cooperation with non-profit organizations and government agencies, including the physical therapy industry and security industry.

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